The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

The Quadruple Double is a
weekly basketball newsletter.

It's published daily during the NBA season and weekly during the offseason. We aim to find the best original content from around the web along with the best news from every team every day. The web is an mtheqaazing place to find good writing about the worlds most exciting sport but it can be a slog to find let us do it for you!

  • What is The Quadruple Double?
    The Quadruple Double is a daily subscription email that brings the best and brightest news and writing about basektball from around the web. Here is a sample
  • Who should subscribe?
    The Quadruple Double is for anyone who likes to read about basketball. This includes but is not restricted to:
    • People who love good sports writing
    • People who play fantasy sports
    • People who watch LeBron make a Crab Dribble and the rewind 5x to see if he travelled
    • Poeple who know what a real quadruple double is
    • People who know some of Wilt's records that don't have to do with women
    • People who watch the NBA draft
    • People whose spouses belong to one of the above
  • Why should I subscribe?
    The internet is full of great writing about basketball: great reporting, statistical analysis, news, commentary, you name it. But how do you find it? For every great article there are ten crap articles that are stupid, insipid or just plain lazy. Enter The Quadruple Double. Now instead of spending your precious time surfing the net or scanning your RSS feed you can just look through the Quadruple Double, read the articles that interest you and then scan the rest of the headings to get all the best news of the NBA.
  • How often will it be sent to my inbox?
    Every day during the week (yes that's seven days a week) except for holidays, natural disasters, asteroid strikes and decapitations. Weekends will be just the most important news items and recaps. In the offseason The Quadruple Double will come out once a week or whenever somethnig earth shattering happens. In the lead up to the draft and the aftermath we will publish daily.
  • Okay this sounds amazing but for all that it must cost a fortune.
    You would think so but you would be wrong. You can try out The Quadruple Double for only $4 a month or if you are convinced that you want it for an entire year you can get it for only $36 a year!
  • Anything else I need to know?
    As The Quadruple Double moves forward we would like to add even more. Orignal content, charts, statistical analysis and more! We are also here to please our readers so if there is anything else you are intersted in just let us know and we will try to make it happen.